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Nord Stream 2 to make up for gas deficit

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Russian Gazprom is the Reliable and Cost Effective Solution for Compensation of Gas Supply Deficit to Europe

It is obvious that within the present day challenge of climate change Europe faces the lack of trustworthy and affordable supplier of natural gas.
According to the CEO of the German oil and gas company Wintershall, the Russian pipeline of Nord Stream 2 seems to be the only way out and the best solution to make up for the approaching gas supply shortage in Europe.

Nord Stream 2 Bypasses US Sanctions

Mr. Mario Mehren noted that the issues of energy supply to Europe should be resolved within the EU, without the external involvement of third parties. It was a good sign of Joe Biden, USA president, to restrict the imposition of sanctions against the further construction of Nord Stream 2 project, which resumes the normalized relations between USA and EU and removes any controversies. “We all hope”, Mario added, that “the construction of the pipeline will be soon completed and the facilities will be commissioned within the shortest period of time”.
The route of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline runs from the coast of Russia, under the Baltic Sea, and comes to German seashore. On the way to Germany it goes through five countries, which are exclusive economic zones, i.e. Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. By running along the sea bed it bypasses the transit countries like Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland. Each stretch of the pipeline will be able to pump nearly 28 billion cubic meters. Among the European partners cooperating with Gazprom involved in the project are: Wintershall and Uniper (Germany), OMV (Austria), Engie (France), and Shell (Britain and Netherlands).

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