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Hainan Invites Foreign Capital

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Hainan To Become an International Cluster for High-Tech Companies by 2050

It is expected that by 2050 the Hainan island will become an international cluster for international institutes, bio and high-tech laboratories, and offices of global corporations. The city of Sanya is famous for attracting foreign capital investments.
Over the last three years the average amount of invested foreign capital reached some 675 million USD. And the total volume of turnover of those companies hit more than $5 billion. The investments of foreign countries and international companies in Sanya saw a significant and steady rise.

Sanya is a Business Opportunity for Russian Business and High Technology

In keeping pace with the ongoing changes Sanya is going to replace the current rental economy with a new advanced economy that will accommodate the headquarters of world corporations and develop tourism, business services and technologies in the region.
In 2018 it was decided to start building a new port in Hainan and open a free trade zone there as an experiment. The project was developed to involve the region of provincial administration in the process of globalization and innovation as well as attraction of Russian businesses and experts and narrow field’s specialists and new trading opportunities.

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